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Our reason

Stay human.

Our customers are first of all human being. They are innovative, creative, full of thoughts. We would like to start from this point. Our goal is to create a relationship based on “co-creation” in order to build a value together, day after day.

Our mission

Growing together.

Bit on Cloud grows every day together with people needs. A software more than that, closed to its customers, a service which solves problems easily, in a smart way and safely. A management which keeps evolving, without being a burden for its customers. This is why new integrations, tasks and updates will be always free of charge. Because our customer is part of our growing.

Our Vision

Sharing experience.

We are a small company but we invest big resources and energy for research and development. Innovation is our target and we dream of a philosophy of sharing: we would like that Bit on Cloud becomes a place of exchange and comparison, where all our partners are part of a big and unique plan: giving their own contribution to make the service better for themselves and for others.

Why you'll love us?

10 good reasons to choose Bit on Cloud

We are clear

You will pay a fee which includes all BoC services. No tricks or surprise.

We love simplicity

BoC is a flexible, dynamic and above all an easy tool.
For everybody.


We do not have only customers but partners to grown up with

If you suggest new services which we think are useful for the entire BoC community, we will develop it without asking you money.