The advantages of a service, all the ability of a management sofware and crm!

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Your Cloud. Open and always available

The SaaS of Bit on Cloud is completely web-based and its cloud infrastructure are created to offer you the best on today’s market. One smart, complete, flexible and safe solution. Always available, wherever you are. 

Customized for you

All the working options and layout of Bit on Cloud are on a database driven. It means that we will never sell you additional templates. You can change, integrate and shape your service features anytime. In order to work as you wish. Moreover, we take care of the migration of all the services and data from your previous system or suppliers.

Open to discuss

We believe that the innovation has to be open to integration and conversation. In this way only, the technology can make life of our users truly easier. This is why you can interface Bit on Cloud with other systems easily. In addition, Bit on Cloud is already programmed to exchange and receive standard layouts like ES (exchange System), the Italian tax authority, interbank flows or Italian post office.

But there's more

Always working system

Our Data centres are places in TIER4 structure only. it is the highest level of safety that a Data centre can offer, with an availability of 99.9%. That means, that in case of a hardware failure, black out or block to the air conditioning, the system is always working. So, you can work!

Multi-level security

Bit on Cloud saves your data in different storage areas according to the required secure level (Multy Layer DB Storage). That means that if a hacker tries to force the system of management of logins, he would not have direct access to important information, because the physical database of the contents and the management database of the logins are separated.

Back up 24/7

With Bit on Cloud you are not scared anymore to lose your data. They will be saved in our servers in cluster safely. We do a backup every day, 24/7

Privacy and GDPR

Bit on Cloud is fully compliant with the specific according to the general regulation for the protection of the data 679 2016.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Bit on Cloud guarantees the maximum availability of service and it undertakes to perform the activities of scheduled maintenance during specific hours, with a minimum impact for the customer’s activity and with 48 hours’ notice.

Check of the login levels

You can decide for each user the login profile to the functions and the login level to the subjects.

A dedicated team for safety and GDPR

With Bit on Cloud you will not have stomach pain anymore regarding safety and you will forget about headaches due to infrastructure. Bit on Cloud has an entire team of advisors dedicated to web security and regulations.

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