10 good reasons to choose us

You will pay a fee which includes all Bit on Cloud services. No Tricks or surprise

Bit on Cloud is a flexible, dynamic and above all an easy tool. For everybody

Our way to work is based on a mutual growth and exchange. If you suggest new services which we think are useful for the entire Bit on Cloud community, we will develop it without asking you money. We are strange people but it is our way to be.

Bit on Cloud is like a dress, you need to be comfortable in it. Our software has to follow your needs.

With our service you can work always and everywhere without boundaries regarding office, installation, server. When, where and how… you decide.

Bit on Cloud is safe like your home baking. Your data are in a safe place and they are managed following rules. If you decide to change supplier, all your information and the entire storage are given back to you. It seems a trivial matter… but if you look around, it’s not.

Bit on Cloud is not only a management software but it is a service which combines technology, technical advice and regulations. We are at your side because the software helps you … but it is not enough.

Some want to be cuddled and guided step by step and some want to buy new skills and being independent. With Bit on Cloud we give everybody their own space


For being satisfied of our work we need to know that the return of your investment is immediate and important. From the simplification of the processes to the work organization and costs control. If you are happy, we are happy.

With our blog and community, with Bit on Cloud you can learn every day, sharing ideas with colleagues and why not? find new solutions. “A group of people with the same target can reach the impossible” (cit. Anonimous)

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