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A management software and CRM for your business. 

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Offices and companies

No more problems for managing your customers and suppliers, price lists, orders and warehouse management, administration, accounting, electronic invoices and payments.

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Schools and training

It's a complete service to manage subscribers and families courses, canteen, information and promotions, documents storage, accounting, payment and electronic invoicing.

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Graveyard Management

We take care of your whole chain, such as Graveryard management, burial, list of deceased, service management, working, lightning, cartography, cremation and transport. 

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Go beyond the electronic invoice in cloud and manage your entire company. Forget about forms and integrations, you have everything you need now and tomorrow!

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You will pay a fee which includes all BoC services. No tricks or surprise.

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BoC is a flexible, dynamic and above all an easy tool.
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We do not have only customers but partners to grown up with

If you suggest new services which we think are useful for the entire BoC community, we will develop it without asking you money.